Cutting Edge Education for
NICU/Perinatal Professionals


We believe in nurses taking care of each other. We aspire to host fun events with friendly networking opportunities, collegial camaraderie, healthy food choices and maybe even a massage!

The Nurses Advisory Committee of Perinatal Education is committed to facilitating advanced practice education to enhance quality of neonatal and perinatal caregiving in the Inland Northwest. We serve four states including Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. This committee, started in 1985, monitors the educational needs of the community as well as plans, organizes and produces educational opportunities on an annual or semi-annual basis.  This organization was built through collaboration of nurses from the Spokane Community including committee representation by Deaconess Hospital, Gonzaga University, Providence Holy family Hospital and Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children's Hospital.

Our success is founded on these guiding principles:



Working together with other facilities allows us to grow stronger as a community and bring better service to our local families.



Through our collaborative efforts we can bring highly sought after speakers, pursue hot topics and grow more clinical leaders in our community.


We strive to make our events affordable and worth the price. Our all inclusive price includes meals, contact hours, materials, refreshments and swag.